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Value Added Services
Solderability Testing: Solderability testing is used to determine the solderability of leads and terminations which are normally joined by a soldering operation. This determination is based on the ability of the terminations to be wetted by the molten solder. The test provides for accelerated aging (steam conditioning) in order to simulate the condition of the components after long-term storage.
RoHS Compliance Screening: Used to determine the presence of heavy metals such as Mercury (Hg) and Lead (Pb), and also the presence of potentially toxic elements like Cadmium (Cd) and Chromium (Cr).
Industrial Temperature and Component Screening: Electronic components can be tested for industrial strength temperatures. This type of testing provides customers with a level of comfort that the electronic components will meet the temperature needs of the application in which they are to be utilized.

Product Testing : Product functionality tests are performed upon customer request to ensure optimum performance.

End of Life Product Supply (EOL): Supplying products that are going or have been obsolete and out of production. This program allows for a continued supply EOL products, helping our customers avoid the expensive costs and engineering time to redesign.

Bonded Inventory: The program segregates inventory within our system and logistics centers to guarantee availability and replenished based on customer demand. As demand changes, adjustments are made to the supply chain to insure availability while minimizing excess inventory.

JIT Delivery: Vantage will reliably deliver products to our customers just before the product is needed for production, thereby reducing and controlling the customer’s inventory holding costs.

Dry Pack and Baking: Dry pack and baking ensures product quality and shelf life. Dry packing consists of placing components in a moisture-barrier bag along with desiccant and a humidity indicator. Dry packing is provided to ensure the quality of all goods leaving our warehouse.

Vacuum Sealing: Refers to packaging from which substantially all air has been removed prior to final sealing. This method of packaging is actually a form of “Modified Atmosphere” since normal room air is removed from the package.

Tape and Reeling: Tape and reeling of bulk product purchases accommodates customer product requirements. All taping is performed in accordance with the most current EIA/IS standards or customer supplied specifications.

Kitting: Parts and components are grouped together for delivery and production assembly.

Bill of Material (BOM) Evaluation: BOM analysis and consultation is provided to reduce product costs.

Bar Coding: We use Bar Coding methods that meet or exceed the standards set forth by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). Custom labels can also be designed to meet customer supplied specifications.


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