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Your Trusted Stocking Partner for Supply and Solutions

Allocated and End-of-Life Product Procurement

Any number of factors can contribute to part shortages; technological change, mergers and acquisitions, customer demand, natural disasters, long ramp up times to expand foundry…


Obsolescence Management

Rapid advances in technology, changes in customer demand and product environmental regulations are some factors which impact the lifecycle for electronic components.


Active Product Cost Savings Programs

Leveraging its global footprint across Europe, Asia, and the Americas and network of authorized distribution channels Vantage can help customers find active component product at lower prices and save money.


Bill of Material Evaluation Services and Support

BOM analysis and consultation is provided to reduce production costs. Using our proprietary software, Vantage analyzes trends in component consumption and forecasts future demand.


Value Added Services

Bonded Inventory. The program segregates inventory within our system and logistics centers to guarantee availability and replenished based on customer demand.


Asset/Excess Management Solutions

Vantage Components manages inventory for over 32 OEMs, CMs, Operators and MROs totaling more than 72,000 lines of material. We partner with two major aerospace OEMs working with eight plants globally.


Global Procurement Logistics and Support

Vantage helps to streamline the ever complex and growing supply chain by navigating through and managing hundreds of open market suppliers posting inventory with numerous online services; screening, qualifying, sourcing, procuring and handling logistical services all bundled by a trusted partner.