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Allocated and End-of-Life Product Procurement

Allocated Product Procurement:

Any number of factors can contribute to part shortages; technological change, mergers and acquisitions, customer demand, natural disasters, long ramp up times to expand foundry capacity, and precious metal supply limitations to name a few. Whatever the cause, part shortages can adversely affect your business. Vantage Components is a trustworthy independent distributor you can count on and with the toolset to help you navigate through difficult market conditions.

Utilizing our proprietary software we monitor supply in the marketplace for both authorized and open market material. Through our OEM and CM asset management relationships we have access to proprietary surplus stocks. Our purchasing professionals, strategically staffed in our global offices, collectively speaking seven languages, working around the clock, are on the ground close to the supply to leverage our local relationships and lock up material on your behalf.

End-Of -Life Product Procurement:

End-of-Life is another factor that can hinder production for an OEM. Typically electronic components and devices reach their end of life (EOL) within a few years. However, new devices often are not pin-to-pin, spec-to-spec replacements, which makes it difficult for OEMs to continue building and supporting its products. A re-design costs money and takes time, and is often not possible for defense or aerospace applications. Vantage can help procure end-of-life material and manage supply throughout the life cycle of an OEM’s product.

End-of-life material can be purchased and held in stock at Vantage’s state of the art warehouse in New York per an agreed-upon time frame for scheduled deliveries. This allows for easy access and same day shipping when parts are needed for critical issues, while helping customers to manage inventory levels.

Automated market surveillance of both authorized and open market channels is through our proprietary software allowing Vantage to monitor supply and strategically identify buying opportunities to either save money or secure product with limited supply on behalf of the customer.   Our team of procurement specialists, working 24/7, utilizes an extensive global network of open market suppliers. All suppliers are vetted and continuously rated.

When product is secured, components are tested by our partners that are AS9100 and QPL certified.  These laboratories are located in the US, Europe and Asia and offer independent and objective testing services.  Through these partners we can provide component authentication, counterfeit screening and detection, as well as extensive functional testing. Additionally we can follow customer specific protocols.

Whether your needs are for allocated or end-of –life material make Vantage a part of your purchasing team.  Let us help fill the voids in your supply chain