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Obsolescence Management

Rapid advances in technology, changes in customer demand and product environmental regulations are some factors which impact the lifecycle for electronic components.  Some devices become obsolete in only a few years. New devices often are not pin-to-pin, spec-to-spec replacements, which makes it difficult for OEMs to continue to build and support their existing products. With a proactive approach to obsolescence management, Vantage can help ensure components are secured and stored on behalf of the OEM.

With offices spanning several continents, Vantage has the capability to source products all over the world. Since our inception we have developed a strong network of open market suppliers that adhere to our strict quality requirements.  Our team of procurement specialists work 24/7 to locate product of all types.  Through our proprietary software we monitor the market’s supply.  Automatic alerts are generated both externally and internally of new availabilities.   Complementing this source of supply are our OEM/CM excess management partners.

In the event obsolete product can no longer be found Vantage helps to identify viable equivalents.  Our knowledgeable sales professionals can advise on alternate part numbers and manufacturers, discuss up-screening and re-encapsulation options. Our program is designed to help find parts for our clients so they don’t have to spend time searching or spend money on a redesign allowing them to continue to support customers for the life of their products. Once identified obsolete material is purchased and held in stock at Vantage’s state of the art warehouse in New York per an agreed-upon time frame for scheduled delivery.

Vantage manages testing and logistics giving you peace of mind.  We partner with independent and objective test laboratories located in the US, Europe and Asia who are AS9100 and QPL Certified and offer cost-effective testing services. Vantage provides component authentication, counterfeit screening and detection, as well as extensive functional testing.   We can also accommodate any customer specific testing protocols.