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Your Trusted Aftermarket Partner for Supply and Solutions

Global Procurement Logistics and Support

  • Vantage helps to streamline the ever complex and growing supply chain by navigating through and managing hundreds of open market suppliers posting inventory with numerous online services; screening, qualifying, sourcing, procuring and handling logistical services all bundled by a trusted partner.  OEMs and CMs spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to locate and procure their parts via an extensive list of suppliers. In addition to the price paid, there’s the time spent on contacting each and every vendor.  Even if a single e-mail took only a minute to compose, preview and send, it would require an hour or more just to reach out, let alone receive prices, analyze and select the proper part.
  • Consider Vantage as an extension of your purchasing department. Let us do the legwork and be your “Gateway to the Open Market”. Our global networks of sourcing specialists leverage alternative supply chains.  We’ve developed an extensive network of qualified and certified suppliers helping to meet customer requirements for inventory replenishment covering a wide-spectrum of products and achieving significant cost savings relative to franchise prices.
  • Global logistics facilities shipping from three continents including HAZMAT capabilities in the US.